Someone you love

wants to tell you a story

Their Story

Discover and capture your loved ones’ stories

Opus pairs you with a professional interviewer, expertly picked to ask the right questions and make you feel at ease. The interview takes place comfortably in-person or remotely using our proprietary process.  Interviews can be done in any language, and from anywhere. Once the interview is uploaded to your private family Opus timeline, it includes  closed captioning, allowing your family stories to transcend language or accent.

Your Future

Your stories last 100 years. Guaranteed

The Opus guarantee promises that all stories last at least 100 years.  We’ve built redundancies into our storage process and offer you the ability to download and take your story with you at any time. With Opus, you can be certain that future generations will be able to connect with those who came before them. Your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will finally get to hear the voices and stories of previous generations.

Your Timeline

Organize your family’s best moments

Opus organizes and transcribes your family memories so they can be viewed in full or as individual bits. Each video is broken into chapters with a built-in search function based on the mention of people, places, dates, and events. You’ll have your most precious moments with the click of a button for the next 100 years. 

Your Data

For you and your family’s eyes only

We understand your stories are wonderfully personal and we believe you should control access to the viewing experience. To ensure this, all your stories are securely protected with passwords and permissions that allow you to choose who has access and when. This is your life and these are your stories. We will never share your data or footage with anyone but you and your designated loved ones.

Our passion is you

We lose sleep at night thinking about how to help you tell your story, protect it and ultimately make it easy to access for generations to come.  We work tirelessly to secure your legacy.  

Opus makes it easy to connect with loved ones across time and space.  Memories are fragile, but with Opus they can last forever.

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  • A REMOTE interview covering a specific topic, event, time period or idea within someones life (Approx. 30 minutes)
  • Lead by a hand chosen Opus professional interviewer remotely via tablet wifi
  • Transcribed and added to your Opus Family Timeline
  • Your narrative lives as a beautifully segmented video storybook
  • Guaranteed to be protected for at least 100 years
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  • An interview covering the subject’s full life (Approx. 90 minutes)
  • Lead by an Opus professional interviewer and filmed in-person or remotely
  • Transcribed and added to your Opus Family Timeline
  • Your narrative lives as a beautifully chaptered video story book
  • Guaranteed to be protected for at least 100 years
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  • This is the fullest way to capture a person you love.  Opus Ceremony combines our traditional Opus Legacy with our Opus Wisdom product and is the perfect foundation to begin making a loved ones feelings and story immortal.
  • Ceremony occurs over a much less restricted time frame and insures that we capture much more of your Opus Legacy and Opus Wisdom
  • A dedicated Opus Story Architect to guide your process internally
  • Your Opus will be turned into a hardbound book with pictures for the family to cherish

Need a more custom solution? Ask about an Opus Custom package.

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